Dieter Lippold
Prestressed concrete silos with high pre-degree under transient temperature effects
Beton- und Stahlbetonbau (2012), Issue 10
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Hierzu Bericht:
U. Mayer, G. Periskic, J. Ozbolt, S. Lettow
Report on non-linear FE calculations on a biased silo wall cut
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Irmgard Lochner
Re-Design Natural Structures: Structural Morphology using Methods of Structural Optimization
Poster Presentation, Conference “Advances in Architectural Geometry”, Paris
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Irmgard Lochner Aldinger
Geometry Studies using parametric Structural Models and Optimization Methods
Proceedings of the IASS Symposium 2011, London
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Irmgard Lochner Aldinger
Structural Optimization as a Constitutive Design Tool in Architecture
Proceedings of the IASS Symposium 2009, Valencia
Irmgard Lochner mit Werner Sobek
Design strategies. In: Akos Moravànszky, Ole W. Fischer:
Precisions – Architecture between science and art.
Berlin: Jovis Publishing, 2008
Dieter Lippold
Silo in Ulm, Grain silo construction with “Highrise look”
Beratende Ingenieure, Juni 2006
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Josef Seidel, Dieter Lippold
Tower at the entrance
Umrisse, Issue 6 / 2005
Irmgard Lochner, Benno Bauer
Integrated Planning in Munich
Beratende Ingenieure, Ausgabe 4 / 2005
Dieter Lippold, J. Harder
Analysis and Design of Silo Walls
World Cement, November 2004, Volume 35: Number 11
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Matthias Schüller
Conceptual Design and Construction of Integral Bridges
Concrete and reinforced concrete (2004), Issue 10
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Irmgard Lochner, Benno Bauer
Administration Building KVB Munich
Concrete and reinforced concrete (2004), Issue 8
Jörg Peter, Martin Hertenstein
Constructional examination of the reconstruction of the “Frauenkirche” in Dresden
Mauerwerk (2004), Issue 3
Jörg Peter, Roland Wetzel, Thorsten Bach
The Reichenbach Viaduct of the Thuringian Forest-A71
Steel Construction, Issue March 2003
Jörg Peter und Matthias Schüller
Design of bridges, examples from Baden-Wurttemberg
2. Symposium “Straßenbrückenbau in Deutschland”, Leipzig
Verlagsgruppe Wiederspahn, Wiesbaden
Irmgard Lochner, Joachim Allgayer
New control tower of the DFS
Bautechnik 79 (2002), Issue 10
Jörg Peter, Roland Wetzel
Draft Reichenbach Viaduct, the Thuringian forest highway A71 connected with general thoughts on bridges
12. Dresdner Bridge Building Symposium, March 14th, 2002
Technical University Dresden
Matthias Schüller, Jörg Peter
Bridge over the Haldenrain Street in Stuttgart
Beton- und Stahlbetonbau 97 (2002), Issue 11
Jörg Peter
Reconstruction of Dresden’s world famous Frauenkirche
(Church of our Ladies)
Pro Publications International Ltd, Elise House, 6b East Street
Epsom, Surrey, KT17 1HH, UK
Thorsten Bach, Christoph Wentz
The new kiln line 8 at Dyckerhoff Zement’s Lengerich works
ZKG International, 54. Volume (2001), No. 12
Jörg Peter, Martin Hertenstein, Thomas Peter, Christoph Wentz
Civil Structures; Asia Pacific Development
Jörg Peter, Christoph Wentz
Bleding and despatch plant at Karsdorf cement works
ZKG International, 53. Volume (2000), No. 7
Jörg Peter
Circular stores for storing cement clinker
ZKG International, 52. Volume (1999), No. 7
Jörg Peter
Large silos for storing cement clinker
ZKG International, 51. Volume (1998), No. 12
Jörg Peter
Multi-compartment silos for the cement industry
ZKG International, 50. Volume (1998), No. 6
Jörg Peter
Large silos for the cement industry
Free-standing circular cylindrical silos with central cone
ZKG International, 50. Volume (1997), No. 12