Graf Soden Junior High School, Friedrichshafen

Consultation and Structural Design

Planning services covering a wide range of projects

As consulting engineers we provide advice independently of any product’s or supplier’s interest. Our consultancy supports all phases of the structural design, starting at the conceptual design through the different design stages up to the actual construction. Our project experience includes wide areas of civil and structural engineering: buildings and underground construction, bridges and towers, silos, storages and tanks. The object dimensions range from small scale installations to industrial plants.

Certification services

Quality assurance in building projects

The “four-eye-principle” is an essential component of quality assurance in building projects. The consulting engineers Dipl.-Ing. Peter Bock, Dipl.-Ing. Dieter Lippold and Dipl.-Ing. Roland Wetzel acquired the status as proof engineers in 1988. Since then, the have been supervising diverse projects including highly complex constructions. Besides their sovereign proof activities, they are also working on behalf of insurances and clients, expecially abroad, where proof engineers in our sense do not exist.

Phosphate Storage and Plant, Jorf Lasfar, Morocco

Object design

From initial design to construction documents

For bridges, industrial and silos we offer the complete range of conceptual design, tender documents, structural design and detailed design and drawings. As internationally reknown specialists, we dispose of widespread experiences in the planning of buildings for the cement industry and for industrial plants. The storage of large quantities of bulk goods will continue to play an important part in the industry in the future. Consequently, new developments in this area are required – and there are almost no limits set on imaginativeness.

Vault Weil der Stadt

Refurbishments, Expertises, Renovation

From restructuring of historic buildings to advice in case of damage

The restructuring of existing buildings is an increasingly important element of structural engineering. When refurbishing historic buildings, their structural behaviour needs to be recognized, and the refurbishment is to be done cautiously. In the restructuring of buildings as well as in expertises in case of damage, we consult our clients from analysis to realization.

Multi-Compartment-Silo, Dotterhasuen

Construction supervision

Expert attendance on site

Our services in this field include construction management, control of the structural execution as well as “24h supervision” on specialized constructions such as slipform construction. We provide thes services world-wide.