Noise and emission protection wall of the Erbach crossbar

For the planned cross-section of the B311 to the B30 south of Erbach, noise and pollution protection walls approximately 850 m long are planned on both sides in the road embankment area to protect the biotope complex of the Danube and the Danube Canal. For the noise barrier construction, a color and design concept was developed together with the architectural firm arch22 Bogenrieder Crumbach, which provides alternating gabion and colored aluminum wall sections. Bore pile work has now been completed and construction of the continuous pile cap beams has begun.

FIDES Einsingen GmbH

In Einsingen, FIDES Einsingen GmbH is implementing two construction projects in the immediate vicinity. One building is home to outpatient residential communities, the other creates affordable living space and individual apartments. The shell construction work has been completed.

Bridge of the new B311 crossbar Erbach

In the area where the new crossbar connects to the B311, south of Erbach, a transfer structure over the B311n was required.
For this purpose, a low-maintenance, integral bridge structure with a span of approx. 24 m was designed. The frame-like supporting structure with a slim superstructure was completed in mid-2023. In the meantime, road construction work continued and the structure was integrated into the access ramps.

Andreas Kosic – partner with sole power of attorney

Since January 1, 2024, Mr. Dipl.-Ing (FH) Andreas Kosic has been the new partner of Peter and Lochner Consulting Engineers for Construction GmbH. He has been working in our engineering office as a structural engineer since 2005 and primarily supports projects in industrial construction at home and abroad. His expertise as a welding engineer is also particularly valued here.

Andreas Kosic was granted sole power of attorney on January 1, 2024. This ensures continuity in the management of Peter and Lochner Consulting Engineers for Construction GmbH.

Mr. Dipl.-Ing Roland Wetzel left our engineering office as managing partner at the turn of the year due to his age. He will remain connected to the office as a test engineer. The employees and management wish Andreas Kosic much success in his expanded area of responsibility and would like to thank Roland Wetzel for his competent and influential commitment to the office.

Architecture Biennale 2023

Peter und Lochner is a sponsor of the exhibition “Time Space Existence” at the European Cultural Center as part of the Architecture Biennale in Venice. Prof. Dr. Irmgard Lochner presents her research projects on natural building forms, their reproduction and further development with digital tools and their sustainable application in construction. “Less with More” is the motto to ensure the tasks of a growing humanity with less intervention in the ecosystem. The exhibition can be seen until November 26, 2023.

Renovation of Hölderlinhaus

At the end of April, the cultural office and the city of Nürtingen celebrated the opening of the converted Hölderlinhaus. The new premises are used by the adult education center; the ground floor houses a permanent exhibition on Hölderlin and his work. For Peter and Lochner, this project began with the competition process in 2018 together with Aldinger Architects.

Photo: Roland Halbe

Reinforced concrete frame bridge, near Tübingen-Weilheim

As part of the new construction of the B28 in the Neckar valley between Rottenburg and Tübingen, a road bridge was rebuilt as a two-span, integral frame bridge near Tübingen-Weilheim, in the area of the new junction to Weilheim. The bridge structure runs at an oblique angle over the Tübingen-Horb DB railway line and at the same time replaces the previously existing level crossing.

Entrée Klett area Rotebühlstrasse Stuttgart, buildings R 77/1 and R 75

A strategic development plan was approved for the Klett area an urban development target plan was created. In addition to the focus on urban development, open space, architecture, workplace design and sustainability. Particular attention was paid to careful expansion while honoring the existing building.
Aldinger Architekten and Peter and Lochner jointly achieved the second prize.

First steps at the clinker silo in Mexico

A clinker silo with a diameter of 55.50 m and a height of 20 m is planned, including a transport tunnel.

Cement silos in Senegal

Construction progress of the cement silos with a diameter of 24 m.

Bicycle parking garage is taking shape

From July, the bicycle parking garage at the train station in Heilbronn will offer space for 122 bicycles. In the 12 m high cylindrical tower, the parking spaces are arranged in a star shape on eight levels. The clad steel structure is anchored on a reinforced concrete slab. The lift, which automatically transports the wheels up to a free space, is in the center of the foundation plate that is recessed here.

Rapid progress in the Nürtinger Hölderlinhouse

A stabilizing scaffold supports the north and east walls of the Hölderlinhaus. Excavation work is underway inside to create the elevator core. The construction site is making rapid progress in this special construction phase: safety work, partial dismantling and the installation of new components were planned in detail and implemented step by step.