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Interns / Civil Engineering (f/m) Are you a student of Civil Engineering and looking for a semester internship or want to deepen your study knowledge? We currently offer places for

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Cement plant, Biskra, Algeria

Construction progress at the Cement Plant CILAS: the clinker silo is approaching

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Multi-compartment silo for cement, Tula, Mexico

Construction of a new multi-compartment silo in Tula, Mexico: assembly of the roof

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Peter und Lochner Engineering

The engineering office Peter and Lochner plans and test with about 30 employees national and international construction projects. As consulting engineers for construction, we create plans for wide areas of civil engineering: civil engineering, silos and industrial plants, bridges and towers, as well as restoration of historic buildings. As testing engineers for structural analysis, we contribute significantly to the quality assurance in the construction industry. As evaluators in case of damage we develop renovation concepts. The office has won numerous competitions and received multiple awards.

The office was founded in October 1965 by the two partners, Jörg Peter and Georg Lochner. Since then, the graduate engineers Peter Bock, Dieter Lippold and Roland Wetzel as managing partners and graduate engineers (FH) Martin Hertenstein and Christoph Wentz have been appointed as a shareholder. Since 2009, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Irmgard Lochner-Aldinger joined as partner.