New hotel building in Tübingen

Tübingen, 2016

The new building for the hotel in Tübingen comprises nine floors with floor plan dimensions of approx. 26.5 x 49 m. The rising floors of levels 1 to 8 have dimensions of approx. 15.4 x 35.5 m, the top floor is reset on both sides.

The building is constructed seamlessly using solid reinforced concrete construction. The load-bearing and bracing components are made of in-situ concrete, semi-prefabricated or fully prefabricated construction. The decision about the respective production was made in direct coordination with the construction company in order to keep construction times as short as possible. Load-bearing components that were manufactured as solid wall prefabricated parts are not used for bracing.

The building is located in earthquake zone 3 according to DIN EN 1998-1. In addition to the horizontal loads from earthquakes, a one-sided earth pressure load had to be applied to the two lower floors. The existing, simply anchored, dissolved bored pile wall was upgraded for permanent shoring, but the earth pressure forces were fully applied to be on the safe side. Reinforced concrete walls or cores are used to transfer the horizontal loads. With a few exceptions, the load-bearing and stiffening components are arranged vertically one above the other and essentially run continuously from top to bottom without any significant jumps in stiffness. A support is only required in the ceiling above level 0, where a continuous column load has to be supported.