Completion of the new BW Bank Building, Böblingen


The building was constructed as a branch of the BW Bank, commissioned by the Landesbank Baden-Württemberg in Böblingen. The supporting structure is designed as a spatial structure of disks, plates and supports in reinforced concrete. The challenge in construction projects often lies in the integration of different and diverging disciplines.

The multi-functionality of components as an architectural design element, physical barriers, carrier media and parts of the structure require the integrative cooperation of all planners involved. The new building of the BW Bank in Böblingen (architect: Kauffmann Theilig und Partner) is an example of such an integrative effort. Through extremely careful planning it is possible to dissolve highly stressed structural points, such as a cantilevered shear wall, while following the architectural concept, and to make use of them as support for facade embellishments and utility lines. The spatial Finite-Element-Model was an important component in the development of the structure.

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